Most of the ROMs (except CM) whether it be stock or any, don’t have a setting to change the host name of your Android device. Read on to know how to change it.

When you have a common wifi network between your desktop and mobile, it rather makes sense to have a proper host name for your phone instead of accessing it every time by the IP address. This is typically useful if you want to control your phone from your control using AirDroid for example. Chat using Texts. While most routers have an option to set host name for a specific MAC ID, but on some networks you might not have control, for example your office network.

The process is very simple, but you need a rooted device. If you have not rooted it yet, check XDA forums. I can’t help you in that. Also, you would need the Android SDK (mainly adb and the device drivers for your phone).

  • Turn on USB Debugging in developer options.


  • Connect it to your computer
  • Open terminal
  • Run adb pull /system/build.prop
  • Now edit build.prop (saved in the directory you executed the command) and add the following line:

  • Run adb push build.prop /sdcard (or /mnt/sdcard, if it fails).
  • Run adb shell and type the following commands:

  • Run adb reboot.
  • Enjoy