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There’s no doubt that WordPress is the most popular blogging platform. I used to be a WordPress hater since I had a disaster with the same in 2007 when I had jumped into the blogging bandwagon (that blog does not exist anymore).
And after that incident, I always used Drupal, and in my opinion, Drupal is a very powerful and great Content Management System, suitable for nearly any and every task.

But, when I started my new personal blog, I was in no mood to use WordPress and Drupal was just too heavy for a simple personal blog. So I started out with Octopress.
While most people move from WordPress to Octopress, I did the opposite and I have reasons for it.

Firstly, I was bored of Octopress. Write a post in Markdown and then run those rake *  commands. And then there are reasons like, themes, plugins ,etc. Sure, I can develop my own plugins and themes for Octopress, but unfortunately it is written in Ruby, and I am in no mood to learn Ruby any time soon.

I got a few chances to try out WordPress in different environments, and I realized that it has come a long way since the last time I had used it. And WordPress being the most popular blogging platform, as a freelancer, I can improve my scope by learning about it. I believe that it is not possible to learn something without using it and hence the move.

You can also attribute this to the increasing penetration of mobile devices for this change. I can’t post via email to Octopress,but I can to WordPress. All it takes is a POP-enabled email account and I’ll be able to make blog posts from my mobile. 🙂

Happy New Year!

4 Comments on “Blog converted to WordPress”

  1. I was one of those who went from WordPress to Octopress, and I absolutely love it. The hackability is great.

    However, I’m not a “WordPress hater” by any means. It really is an awesome blogging system, and the reasons you give for using it are pretty solid. Hope it works out for ya!


  2. I tried Octopress and it doesn’t make any different. Just another easy-to-use framework. But I moved recently to Jekyll/Github because I found managing a WordPress self-hosted blog is a pain in the ass. After few weeks ever since I started wordpress blog, I was totally affected with spam categories and tags (unfortunately no posts) in my database. The quality of the host also matters. I had endless calls and email conversation with the people of the hosting company and my blog frequently fell in to server errors. Finally with some strong talks, my site was moved to a different server. During this period, I almost ended up writing. What I was trying to do is to protect my content and back up my database and files. It actually costed huge especially in terms of demotivating me in writing! My blog had enough visitors per day. All my SEO went down! Now I am peaceful and DELETED all the contents I blogged for years! I started afresh with github. At least I am happy that my posts are in a readable format in text files. That’s more than enough for me 🙂


    • That doesn’t count when you own and manage a VPS 🙂

      I am not against Octopress, it’s an amazing platform.. but I found WordPress better for me.


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