Is Flipkart tracking people on Twitter?

Wondering if Flipkart associates your Twitter account and Flipkart account internally (since there’s no such option visible to me on their site).

I had tweeted in the morning about getting a laptop, and later I get an email from Flipkart advertising HP Laptops.

What I tweeted:


The mail later today:


Since there’s no way to get your email address on Twitter directly, I guess they do this when you interact with them on Twitter.

I have interacted with them in past via Twitter also I’m not the first one to see such a thing.

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    1. It was just a speculation, based on the fact that I’ve interacted with them on Twitter a few times (by giving order ID, but order ID can be associated to your acc obviously). Apparently that day, everyone got this mail and it is nothing to do with associating accounts.

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