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In the world of Twitter I came across an interesting thread, discussing morning affairs that every human being has to go through:

I thought it would be a good idea to pitch in with my limited yoga knowledge because yoga has helped me in that morning affair as well:

To that, this person @abhijitkadle says he wants to see scientific basis or else it is bullshit:

I have experienced a lot of health benefits due to practicing yoga over the years compared to when I was not. Alright, so I started replying to this thread with various links and articles which had the appropriate references to some studies and papers by prestigious institutes. Let me share the links I have shared with Mr. Prometheus lapetus on the thread one by one and the referring research papers each of the link(s) had.

The following links are in the order I shared with him and the links underneath the main list item are the papers / scientific articles:

Though the original topic was about morning affairs I hijacked the thread by introducing yoga in it and the topic went elsewhere, now that’s a mistake I accept. Then I started with sending the person links about Yoga:

Further, as someone who pays for the Yoga sessions at an institute – a prestigious one by the way, it is the RIMYI which was set up by legendary BKS Iyengar who himself has received many awards from all over the world for his knowledge and contribution to the domain of Yoga, I told Mr. Prometheus lapetus – why will I continue paying fees for something does not work? That sounds logical, right?

Followed by a quick list of problems that Yoga solved for me:

To that, Mr. Prometheus lapetus replies my problems being solved is not science. Okay, it’s black magic which works.

You may be wondering why I am writing all this on my blog? Well, as such there is no point of this article, thanks for reading by. I wrote it as a self realization & as a reminder for my future self that not to hijack threads on social media and stay away from people who are not ready to read material available online and discuss. Instead, they block me! You can block me, but not my views, Mr. Prometheus lapetus! If you want to prove your point, debate/discuss it.

This is not the first time I got blocked on social media, the ordeal of getting blocked & unblocked has been going with me from the days before social media when we had online forums. So I have no regret for getting blocked by Mr. Prometheus lapteus, but there was no reason to block me, I am not a spammer or some bot. If he didn’t wish to discuss he could have asked me to stop and the discussion would have been shelved.


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