Articles on 09 April 2018 – Technology Disruption, Innovation in Payments, Techie turned Teacher and more

  • Nikon versus Canon: A Story Of Technology Change – Learn By Shipping
  • The biggest solar parks in the world are now being built in India – LA Times
  • Pattern Matching Queries vs. Full-Text Indexes – Percona Database Perfomance Blog
  • How Tech Mahindra went from being a traditional software services provider to a major startup enabler – YourStory
  • Simpl wants to Make Paying Online Easier by Bringing “Khaata” to the Internet Generation – TechPP
  • How a kid from San Francisco ended up starting a school in India – HackerNoon
  • Xiaomi Sets up New SMT Plant in India for Localized PCB Assembly and Manufacturing – TechPP
  • How to give feedback more effectively – Quartz
  • Mathematicians and startup founders – Inverted Passion

Article list 08 April 2018 – Solar Power, AI, Privacy, Free Advice and more

  • India’s first solar-powered island: Diu is setting an example for the rest of the country – Economic Times
  • The Ikigai of AI – HackerNoon
  • Data Privacy Concerns with Google – HackerNoon
    • Related: How The CIA Made Google – ZeroHedge
  • Himachal Pradesh gets its first grid connected solar power plant in Shimla – OpIndia
  • Telcos’ earnings may remain muted for 3-4 quarters – ET
  • Digital medium no threat to films released in halls: Industry – ET
  • There Is a “Wanderlust Gene” but You Can be a Digital Nomad Even Without It – Entrepreneur
  • Generally, people do not tolerate free advice from anybody including parents when it comes to personal or professional matters, but are willing to take free advice in their financial life – Mint

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