Results of an online survey about preferred tyres

I am facing some instability on my car rides and after showing it to numerous mechanics, wheel alignment centers everyone said the same: The tyres have gone bad and they need replacement. The car hasn’t had that much running to justify a tyre replacement so I started looking online for solutions. Finally I have to conclude after much online research that the tyres have gone bad.

With so many tyre brands available in the market at different price points it’s difficult to make a good selection by just reading stuff online and knowing about experiences of friends / mechanics. In a commission driven business model like India where every tyre vendor sells tyres of every company they would obviously try to sell the tyre that will fetch them most profits (exceptions exist, I know!). So to make a good choice I decided to run a survey on Twitter and Reddit. Posting the results of the same. I received total 41 responses.

March 13th, 2016|India, Random Noise|0 Comments

Call Rate comparison: Per second vs Per minute

A simple graph I made using spreadsheet to compare call rate in per second vs per minute. There was a similar graph somewhere around, but I lost the link and hence I made my own graph 😛


1.5 paisa/second and 45p/minute are common rates in per second and

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A networking insight into the past

An insight into a networking problem thrt I faced seven years ago wrt unable to use Internet on Linux after learning networking and Linux over the years.

November 5th, 2015|India, Linux|0 Comments

Views on recently launched Chromebook

Recently Acer launched a new Chromebook with fourth generation i3 processor. As per specifications it will come with 32 GB SSD and will have USB 3.0 port as well. All at a rate of 380$ which is around 23k INR as of writing this article.

Personally I’m not interested in tying myself to a closed

July 14th, 2014|India, Linux|2 Comments

Is Flipkart tracking people on Twitter?

Wondering if Flipkart associates your Twitter account and Flipkart account internally (since there’s no such option visible to me on their site).

I had tweeted in the morning about getting a laptop, and later I get an email from Flipkart advertising HP Laptops.

August 6th, 2013|India|2 Comments