Article list 08 April 2018 – Solar Power, AI, Privacy, Free Advice and more

  • India’s first solar-powered island: Diu is setting an example for the rest of the country – Economic Times
  • The Ikigai of AI – HackerNoon
  • Data Privacy Concerns with Google – HackerNoon
    • Related: How The CIA Made Google – ZeroHedge
  • Himachal Pradesh gets its first grid connected solar power plant in Shimla – OpIndia
  • Telcos’ earnings may remain muted for 3-4 quarters – ET
  • Digital medium no threat to films released in halls: Industry – ET
  • There Is a “Wanderlust Gene” but You Can be a Digital Nomad Even Without It – Entrepreneur
  • Generally, people do not tolerate free advice from anybody including parents when it comes to personal or professional matters, but are willing to take free advice in their financial life – Mint

A simple graph I made using spreadsheet to compare call rate in per second vs per minute. There was a similar graph somewhere around, but I lost the link and hence I made my own graph πŸ˜›


1.5 paisa/second and 45p/minute are common rates in per second and per minute plans offered across India, so used that as base for creating my graph. If you are interested in downloading the spreadsheet I used for this calculation, you can do so here. It’s an OpenDocument Spreadsheet. I don’t use Windows nor MS Office. πŸ™‚

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