I have a Phillips sound bar, must be about 6-7 years old. Today while watching TV, I couldn’t increase the sound volume using the remote, and unfortunately using the remote control is the only way to change the Soundbar’s settings.

So I decided to try my usual trick of cleaning the contacts to solve this issue. I opened the remote control which was perhaps the most difficult task in this whole exercise due to Chinese locks and not simple screws. The process of opening it must have took me around 20 minutes to give you an idea how difficult it was.

Then I took few drops of isopropyl alcohol on my finger and smeared it on the PCB as well as on the rear side (contact side) of the rubber sheet with buttons. Let it dry for sometime then tried to test if it works, and it did!

E-waste and money both saved, or I’d probably have to buy a new remote which might have been difficult to procure given the age of the Soundbar.